To ensure that everyone can enjoy an undisturbed holiday we have drawn up the following house rules:

  • Vandalism by one or more group members will result in sending the entire group home. This also applies to causing a false fire alarm on purpose.
  • As soon as it is dark, it should be quiet outside.
  • As the accommodation borders the village and more than one group may be accommodated at the same time at De Stolp making music is allowed to al limited degree only (not audible outside your accommodation). Do not use any professional sound systems, megaphones or airhorns.
  • Due to the fire alarm system it is not allowed to bring along a smoking gun or something similar.
  • The accommodation and its grounds should be kept tidy.
  • Waste should be separated into food waste, paper, glass, plastic bottles, metal and residual waste.
  • You should bring your own bed linen. The use of bed clothes is compulsory.
  • Animals on the accommodation's grounds should not be fed and treated with respect.
  • Due to fire prevention, beds should not be moved.
  • It is not allowed to bring any pets.
  • When watching a movie or listening to music, film or music rights may be owed. It is your responsibility to pay for these rights concerned.
  • Any breakage or damage must be reported, repaired and/or compensated for at once.
  • On departure the entire accommodation and its grounds should be left tidy.
I agree to the privacylink